A City Guide To Rajshahi

A City Guide To Rajshahi for We may then test, by way of observation, whether an oligarchy indeed exists in any given organization. Like most laws of social science, however, Michels’s iron law of oligarchy is not very precise. The law supplies us with no way of knowing, or even guessing, how soon an oligarchy will form, how strong an oligarchy will become once it forms, how long it will last, or how and why it will decrease in strength, dissipate, or change form. Unlike, say, Isaac Newton’s law of physics, which states that force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration (F = ma), the iron law of oligarchy is not a precise equation. Unlike Newton’s law, which allows for quite exact measurements, calculations, and predictions, Michels’s law can yield only very general statements about the way the social world works. Moreover, Michels’s law does not apply equally to all organizations. Small organizations whose members have close, friendly relations are frequent exceptions. A City Guide To Rajshahi 2016.

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