A City Guide To Puqi

A City Guide To Puqi for Interpretive theory, like scientific theory, attempts simply, accurately, and significantly to account for worldly phenomena. Yet it does so without making lawlike pronouncements that are subject to experimental confirmation. Instead, it offers suggestive conceptual insights that are subject to self-reflective commentary and critique. Hermeneutics and Intersubjectivity A brief look at the origins of the word theory will help to illustrate the selfreflective nature of interpretation. The word theory comes from the Greek word theoros. The theoros was originally an emissary sent on behalf of the state to consult an oracle (something like a fortune-teller) or to perform a religious rite. Later, the theoros took on the role of an envoy or spectator of foreign religious and cultural events who would report back to his native city. A City Guide To Puqi 2016.

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