A City Guide To Pumiao

A City Gide To miao for Yet the collective rsit of liberty has a long history It goes back at least two and a half millennia, to the time when the ancient Greeks first develoed democracy” the only olitical regime gronded in the rincile of freedom The Greeks’ extensive deendence on slaves, moreover, made freedom dobly significant: it became at once a alable good for some and an nattainable ideal for others Citizens celebrated the extent of their freedom while slaves sffered from its dearth22 After srveying the origins and develoment of the Western hilosohic tradition, Hegel conclded that the history of the world is none other than the rogress of the consciosness of freedom23 Likewise, the well-known theorist of medieval thoght, AJ A City Gide To miao 2016

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