A City Guide To Pirojpur

A City Gide To irojr for Indeed, it is the inability of law on its own to achieve jstice that romts lato to advocate the rle of hilosoher-kings In this fashion, lato believed, ractical wisdom cold be best alied to the affairs of the state146 Of corse, lato demonstrated great faith in the wisdom and incorrtible natre of his hilosohic rlers Aristotle, more democratically and more realistically, observed that citizens, not only hilosoher-kings, mst exercise good jdgment on a reglar basis Indeed, the distingishing mark of a citizen, Aristotle held, is articiation in jdgment and athority147 In trn, Aristotle insisted that one mst comensate for the inevitable shortcomings of the faclty of jdgment by way of law An analysis of the most venerated definition of jstice will demonstrate how law and good jdgment rove comlementary A City Gide To irojr 2016

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