A City Guide To Pingxiang

A City Gide To ingxiang for olitics and hilosohy in Ancient Greece The Greeks believed that legislators involved in the creation and maintenance of the city-state were effectively engaged in the ordering of the sols of its citizenry The name given to this ordering of sols in the classical world was adeia, the shaing of character adeia was a form of edcation, namely, an edcation in virte For this reason, both lato and Aristotle agreed that edcation constitted the greatest art of olitics and was the rimary task of the legislator Indeed, lato sggests that the resonsibility for a eole’s wickedness lay not with the eole themselves bt with the oliticians resonsible for their edcation and government In sch cases, he states, the lanters are to blame rather than the lants2 He comlains that even ericles, the greatest of Athens’ olitical leaders, freqently andered to the citizenry’s base desires rather than roerly cltivating their sols A City Gide To ingxiang 2016

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