A City Guide To Pingshan

A City Gide To ingshan for Likewise, high-level radioactive waste mst be stored in sealed containers for thosands of years to revent toxic contamination of the environment ltonim may remain toxic for hndreds of thosands of years, which is to say, for abot fifty times longer than any civilization has yet srvived, and five times 200 thinking olitics as long as Homo saiens have been on earth We might, with this in mind, retrieve the wisdom of the Iroqois nations whose rles of governance were said to be made with the welfare of seven generations in mind”a foresight qite sfficient given the environmental reercssions of their levels of technological develoment and olation density Today, the demands on reason have been markedly increased Assessing the changes occrring within contemorary society, a geograher observes that the history of social change is in art catred by the history of the concetions of sace and time, and the ideological ses to which those concetions might be t Frthermore, any roject to transform society mst gras the comlex nettle of the transformation of satial and temoral concetions and ractices125 Environmental theorists arge that rationality itself, a core olitical concet, mst become transformed to accont for or changing relationshi to sace and time A City Gide To ingshan 2016

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