A City Guide To Patiya

A City Gide To atiya for If mother-and-child, rather than adlt male, is seen as the basic hman nit, creating commnity does not seem so fraght with difficlty, nor does cometition seem the archetyal hman emotion65 138 thinking olitics The way we theorize orselves”from a masclinist ersective of cometitive, atonomos individals in a state of natre or from a feminist ersective of commnity members held together by natralized obligations”lays a significant role in deciding how we constrct and foresee or collective life Rawls invokes jstice”nderstood as the rles of fairness negotiated by atonomos individals”as the first virte of any society Feminists encorage s to reflect on different social and olitical histories, and imagine different social and olitical ftres Insired by these feminist concerns, Owen Flanagan writes, All societies, jst or njst, stable or nstable, egalitarian or nonegalitarian, resose rior relations of care between new members and those members involved in child rearing There is in the end something misleading in the widely held view that jstice is the first virte of society A City Gide To atiya 2016

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