A City Guide To Panshi

A City Guide To Panshi for Even in the case of an absolute tyranny, where force and violence, rather than power and compliance, best characterize the relation of the ruler to the public, the relation of the ruler to his small coterie of advisers, bodyguards, and elite backers generally remains political in large degree. Power, not force, for example, typically holds violent oppressors together as a group, whether this group is a street gang or an authoritarian government. Thus politics percolates through even the most violent forms of rule. Perhaps only in such places of pure violence as concentration camps is the opportunity for politics completely extinguished. While order might be established and maintained through force alone, other aspects of the public good, such as individual freedom, can be established and maintained only through the exercise of power. Too much freedom leads to anarchy. Too much order leads to tyranny. A City Guide To Panshi 2016.

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