A City Guide To Panchagarh

A City Gide To anchagarh for Bt ostmodernists are not concerned solely, or even rimarily, with how owerfl elites shae eole’s oinions, attitdes, and vales ostmodernists are concerned with how entire identities are constrcted, and how certain oinions, attitdes, and vales follow therefrom As a secialist on the media writes, The best way to control and manilate an individal is not to tell them what to do; that always generates resistance, hostility and defiance Instead, tell a erson who and what they are They will end eating or of yor hand27 ostmodernists investigate how eole become whoand what they are While not denying the ower of elites tomanilate the blic, ostmodernists tend to focs on more ambigos forces”modes of discorse and other systems of mores”that shae identities within the social environment A City Gide To anchagarh 2016

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