A City Guide To P’ot’i

A City Gide To ‘ot’i for Each individal is also de secific legal and olitical rights based on his or her national citizenshi and residency Additionally, we gain secial rights based on or membershi in the associations that comose civil society Or rights, in this regard, may be as mltifaceted as or affiliations The rights that one acqires based on one’s membershis sally bear corresonding obligations and resonsibilities What we are de and what is de from s, therefore, deends on the secific natre of or overlaing identities: as hman beings; as citizens of articlar nations, states, and cities; as members of certain clbs or rofessional associations; as teachers or stdents We live or lives, as contemorary olitical theorist Michael Walzer writes, within intersecting sheres of jstice Or mltile identities determine the comlex mix of what each of s is de A City Gide To ‘ot’i 2016

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