A City Guide To Orillia

A City Gide To Orillia for Being ftre-focsed, environmental theorists emhasize the interdeendence of interests across generations Environmental theorists also emhasize the interdeendence of hman interests across the globe, noting that there is bt one earth to be shared by all What makes dollars and sense for the rational economic actor seeking to maximize his own benefits may lead to disaster for society at large and for the bioshere This comes as no srrise to theorists of economic rationality, who admit that individal rationality is not sfficient for collective rationality120 The insfficiency arises becase individals may accre economic benefits at a relatively low rice by fobbing off costs on their neighbors Environmental theorists reject any concet of rationality that ertains only or rimarily to secring individal interests at the exense of the interests of local or global neighbors They are interested in fostering transersonal and transnational sensibilities A City Gide To Orillia 2016

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