A City Guide To Och’amch’ire

A City Guide To Och’amch’ire for With somewhat less accuracy, employing economic theories and accounting for cultural traits, we may be able to explain why and predict how a person will react if offered $1,000 to break a pencil in two. In this case, the laws of physiology find an approximate analog in the demands of economic life that stimulate people to react according to the perceived costs and benefits of their opportunities. While economic incentives do not produce as predictable a reaction as acute physical pain, certain broad regularities are nonetheless observable. But the strictly scientific observer has no accurate predictions to make about the way a person will react when given a pencil and paper and asked to respond to the question How should the exercise of individual liberty in a political community be balanced with the pursuit of social equality? Only vague generalities could be mustered. Being self-reflective, humans consciously distinguish themselves from their environment, make themselves and others objects of thought, and turn these (systematically collected) thoughts about themselves and others into objects of further thought. This spiral of self-reflection has no predictable end point. The question about balancing the values of freedom and equality demands a response based on self-reflective experience. A City Guide To Och’amch’ire 2016.

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