A City Guide To Ningde

A City Gide To Ningde for Its ower sbjgates the assions and aetites, like the strength of a charioteer whose firm gri on the reins kees his horses rnning straight and tre The means to develo and strengthen reason, lato states, is by way of a tye of conversation called dialectic Dialectic, also known as the Socratic method, begins when someone asks a simle qestion abot some fndamental isse One might ask, for instance, What is the natre of jstice All answers given in resonse are sbject to frther inqiry This inqiry ncovers nstated assmtions and logical inconsistencies in the answers roosed and then sbmits these assmtions and inconsistencies to frther analysis In this way, dialectical argment roceeds from oinion to oinion, revealing the vlnerabilities of each and, in the end, ndermining them At the end of the dialectic rocess, one sally finds oneself back where one started: the original qestion still stands nanswered A City Gide To Ningde 2016

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