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A City Guide To Nianzishan for they have lower illness scores than men living alone, whereas for women, being married carries no such protection Blaxter ; Macintyre , suggesting differential social support perhaps see Chapter for a discussion of stress moderators. In contrast to the generally positive view of early adulthood, middle age has been identified as a period of uncertainty, anxiety and change, where some question their achievements, goals and values, or experience uncertainty of roles when children become adults and leave home themselves. n Ageing and health In the UK, as elsewhere in the world, the ageing population accepting the cut-off age for older people’ to be or over has burgeoned, but more particularly the percentage of persons living into their late s or s has increased Office for National Statistics, Social Trends , and is projected to increase further. The United Nations Secretariat have predicted an increase in those aged over from per cent of the population to per cent by The implications for health and social care resources are obvious, given the epidemiology of illness i.e. the fact that the incidence of many diseases increases with longevity. Not all elderly people are ill or infirm, but even among the minority who go on without chronic health problems physical and/or mental, episodes of acute illness are commonplace. A City Guide To Nianzishan 2016.

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