A City Guide To Netrakona

A City Gide To Netrakona for Legalism, argably, mistakes a rote for a destination Law takes one art of the way down the ath of jstice Eventally, however, the trail can no longer be blazed with legal markings, and one mst find one’s way by other means Indeed, at a certain oint, strict enforcement of the law may lead one astray Eqity, the highest form of jstice, cannot be achieved throgh legalism, the nthinking adherence to or alication of written rles How, then, does one determine what is eqitable in any given sitation Eqity is discerned only by way of what Aristotle called ractical wisdom or rdence ractical wisdom might best be thoght of as moral and olitical jdgment A City Gide To Netrakona 2016

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