A City Guide To Nenjiang

A City Guide To Nenjiang for , Kalnins, I., Jutras, S. et al A description of – to -year-old children’s conception of health within the context of their daily life, Psychology and Health, B ack ground Studies based on stage theories of cognitive development suggest that children move from very concrete and rigid views of illness based on observables to more abstract concepts that understand causality, interior body and mental health. However, cognitive development is not the only influence ? experience of health and illness plays a role, as does socialisation; thus it is suggested that studies of children’s concepts of health as well as other concepts are best studied in relation to context and experience. Aims The study aimed to describe ?-year-old children’s conceptions of health in the context of their daily lives by asking them to consider health in terms of their daily experiences and getting them to generate themselves the features of illness that they consider most important. A further aim was to examine the influence of demographic and socio-economic variables on illness concepts. continued Methods A total of , children well balanced for gender ? boys, girls from four different urban areas and three different rural areas in the province of Quebec, Canada, were recruited using sampling methods that generated representative gender and socio-economic backgrounds. A City Guide To Nenjiang 2016.

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