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A City Guide To Nanping for Socio-economic status influenced the extent to which children thought it was necessary to have healthy behaviour, with those from urban upper-middle-class areas emphasising this INDIVIDUAL, CULTURAL AND LIFESPAN PERSPECTIVES ON HEALTH qualitative methods aim to describe the quality’ and nature of experience, beliefs and behaviours, usually of a particular group of individuals. quantitative methods aim to quantify count the frequency or type of experience, beliefs and behaviours, of a generally large, and ideally representative group of people. continued aspect of health most. Age interacted with socio-economic environment. Gender did not influence conceptions regarding health behaviour. Conseq uences of being healthy Mainly children think that the consequence of health is being able to function by doing things one wants to do, and to a lesser extent having good mental health. Age effects existed in that older children were more likely to mention being functional and being able to do more things including leisure activities, and more often mentioned better physiological functioning to be a consequence of health relates to Bibace and Walsh’s findings in this age group. A City Guide To Nanping 2016.

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