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A City Guide To Nanning for However, the study does not address actual behavioural practices and therefore there is no check on whether children report conceptions that are inconsistent with their actual behaviour. Examining subgroups of children in terms of, for example, smoking behaviour or diet may well have been informative in terms of early rationalisations of risk behaviour. n Adulthood /+ Adulthood tends to be divided between early middle age ? and elderly /+. Early adulthood blends out of adolescence as the What do YOU think? Is middle age a state of mind? Are you as young as you feel’? Think of your parents, aunts and uncles or of family friends in their forties. Do they seem to share outlooks on life, expectancies and behaviours that are significantly different to those of you and your friends? How do you view growing older? Think about how it makes you feel and question these feelings. INDIVIDUAL, CULTURAL AND LIFESPAN PERSPECTIVES ON HEALTH person forges their identity and assumes the roles and responsibility of adulthood ? a time of consolidation. Early adulthood has been described as the prime of life, when all sorts of transitions occur, such as graduation, new careers, pregnancy, marriage, childbirth; many will divorce, some will lose a parent. A City Guide To Nanning 2016.

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