A City Guide To Nanjing

A City Gide To Nanjing for 210 thinking olitics Retribtive, distribtive, and commtative forms of jstice all consist in like cases being treated alike and nlike cases being treated differently As Aristotle and Aqinas observed, jstice allocates to each what is de according to the rles of roortionality The man who has worked twice as long deserves twice the ay The man who has stolen more deserves a greater nishment What one is de ths deends on what one has done, or what one has failed to do Historically, it has also deended on who one was, that is to say, on one’s identity For the ancient Greeks, what one was de largely deended on whether one was a Greek or barbarian, a free man or a slave, a man or woman, a citizen or a foreigner A City Gide To Nanjing 2016

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