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A City Guide To Nanfeng for It is, of course, not a particularly democratic form of political participation, but it is not, for that reason, insignificant. The English philosopher and political theorist John Locke (1632 1704) suggested that citizens consent to their rulers and become obligated to their governments simply by inhabiting the territory they do, by using its roads and observing its laws. This passive public compliance or tacit consent is not to be equated with submission to brute force. Whenever citizens’ compliance with laws or subjection to rule is achieved through violence alone or the cultivation of intense fear with little or no potential for nonviolent resistance or refusal, we are justified in saying that public power and hence politics has ebbed to the point of nonexistence. politics, power, and the public good 6 1 The more public the exercise and ends of power, the more political the form of rule. Tyranny, the violent and arbitrary rule of a single individual, is therefore a less political form of rule than is monarchy (the rule of a king or queen), aristocracy, or oligarchy (the rule of a select few), and democracy (the rule of the people as a whole). This statement is true for two reasons. A City Guide To Nanfeng 2016.

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