A City Guide To Nandu

A City Gide To Nand for Jstice as fairness is defined by Rawls as the volntary scheme reached between mtally disinterested, free and rational individals oerating behind a veil of ignorance in an original osition, that is to say, where none are known statecraft and solcraft 2 1 3 to be advantaged or disadvantaged by social and natral contingencies162 The veil of ignorance is a means of ensring that the rles of jstice are devised imartially and are imartially alied to all Bt the blic contract endorsed by eqal, atonomos agents behind the veil of ignorance, like commercial deals strck in the free market, has as its recondition the rivate hosehold and family life Here eqality and atonomy are often absent The roblem with nderstanding jstice as imartiality or fairness, Okin arges, is that to a large extent it is a theory abot men with wives at home163 Tyically, wives assme most of the hosehold obligations and mothers serve as the rimary caretakers of children Men are eqally free to evalate the criteria of fairness in the blic realm becase their wives maintain the rivate sanctary of home”often nder very inegalitarian conditions A City Gide To Nand 2016

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