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A City Guide To Nancha for Growing older may present an individual with new challenges, but this should not be seen as implying that ageing is itself a problem Coleman With increasing age, sensory and motor losses are most common, with a large proportion of our elderly being physically impaired in some way. In an ageing society disability is common; per cent may experience some chronic condition Woods Elderly people often report expecting to have poor health, which can result in poor health-care checks and maintenance as they regard it as pointless; they may think loss of mobility, poor foot health and poor digestion as an inevitable and unavoidable part of growing old, so they may not respond to symptoms as they should e.g. Leventhal and Prohaska Sarkisian et al Exercise tends to decline in old age as it may be avoided in the belief that it will over-exert the joints, heart, etc.; the elderly tend to underestimate their own physical capacities, yet as we shall see in Chapter , exercise is both possible and beneficial. There is growing interest in successful ageing’ ? what it is and how it can be achieved. in the spotlight below describes some of the models of successful ageing and empirical evidence that supports a multidimensional lay model’ rather than a biomedical model based on physical and mental functioning, in terms of predicting quality of life. A City Guide To Nancha 2016.

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