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A City Guide To Mujiayingzi for Further reading Bowling, A. and Iliffe, S. Which model of successful ageing should be used? Baseline findings from a British longitudinal survey of ageing. Age and Ageing, As described in this chapter, this useful paper outlines both the different models of ageing that exist, as well as data showing support for a broad model. Marks, D.F., Murray, M. A City Guide To Mujiayingzi 2016.

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There are common safety rules regardless of where babies sleep, with some additional ones for co-sleeping. All babies should: sleep on a firm mattress and not on soft chairs or sofas, waterbeds, or pillows have only light coverings; comforters, quilts, or heavy blankets can suffocat e or overheat the baby sleep in a crib meeting national standards to prevent wedging or entrapment ; when put to sleep, their feet should be at the foot of the bed be put to sleep on their backs to prevent suffocation; the Back to Sleep rule Establishing an Optimal Level of Arousal in the first year be put to sleep for naps and at night with a pacifier as research suggests that for unknown reasons a pacifier decreases sudden infant deaths; a pacifier should not be forced or reinserted if it falls out Co-sleeping parents are advised not to sleep with babies when they have physical conditions that decrease their arousal at night sleep apnea; extreme fatigue; alcohol, drug, or medication use. Parents are also advised not to put co-sleeping babies next to toddlers and older children. Attachment Parenting In contemporary society, co-sleeping is one facet of a larger system of attachment parenting, which incorporates many aspects of the interdependent model of caregiving. Pediatrician William Sears encourages parents to accept their babies dependency needs and meet them appropriately.

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