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A City Gide To Morrelgonj for 156 thinking olitics In the absence of a roer edcation in virte, an extensive legal system becomes necessary to control vice The attemt to rle citizens with heavyhanded legislation, lato sggests, is like trying to kill the Hydra by ctting off its head In Greek mythology, every time a head of the Hydra was ct off, two more grew in its lace Likewise, every time laws are enacted to restrain a articlar vice, other vices emerge in its lace, reqiring yet more laws to restrain them If sols are not roerly crafted, laws and nishment can only alleviate the symtoms of decay and ostone olitical catastrohe Laws cannot rodce jstice”only an edcation in virte can And this ordering of sols mst begin at an early age A City Gide To Morrelgonj 2016

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