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A City Guide To Miyang for n renters may experience more damp, poor ventilation, overcrowding, and so on; n rented occupation may be further away from amenities, making access to leisure facilities or good quality shops more difficult; n renters earn less than people who own their house; n the psychological consequences of living in differing types of accommodation may directly impact on health. Although the fourth pathway has received little attention, MacIntyre and Ellaway found that a range of mental and physical health measures were significantly associated with housing tenure even after controlling for the quality of housing, and the age, sex, income and self-esteem of their occupiers. They interpreted these data to suggest that the type of tenure itself is directly associated with health. They suggested, for example, that the degree of control we have over our living environment will differ according to whether or not we own the property in which we live, and may influence mood, levels of stress, and perceived control over a wider set of health behaviours ? all of which may contribute to ill health. n Psychosocial factors The implication of the previous section is that poor housing leads to stress, which in turn leads to ill health. This argument can be widened to suggest that differences in stress experienced as a result of a variety of factors may contribute to differences in health across the social groups. This seems a reasonable hypothesis. A City Guide To Miyang 2016.

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