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A City Guide To Mingyue for One mechanism involves the stress associated with overcrowding. There is clear evidence both from animal and human research that overcrowding is associated with high levels of stress hormones and, in animals, accelerated development of atheroma and CHD Baum et al More subtle processes may also be at work. One example of this can be found in research examining the effect of the type of housing we occupy. In Britain, premature mortality rates are about twenty-five per cent higher among tenants than owner-occupiers Filakti and Kox Tenants also report higher rates of long-term illness than owner-occupiers. Woodward et al. , for example, found that after adjusting for age, male renters were one-and-a-half times more at risk of developing CHD than male owneroccupiers; women renters were over twice as likely to develop CHD as their owner-occupier counterparts. There are a number of explanations for these differentials atheroma fatty deposit in the intima inner lining of an artery. A City Guide To Mingyue 2016.

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