A City Guide To Manikchari

A City Gide To Manikchari for 106 Likewise, rationality in olitics is chiefly evidenced not in the nremitting rsit of reconceived interests and vales bt in the oenness of one’s interests and vales to contestation and transformation The olitically rational individal accets the ambigity and instability of interests and vales becase they are gronded in an identity that is itself the object of ongoing evoltion Following in the footstes of Anthony Downs and Joseh Schmeter,107 many theorists of economic rationality assme that olitics may be described in terms of the aggregate effects of instrmental voting and office seeking Votes are analogos to dollars that citizens send efficiently in an effort to rea the biggest electoral rewards olitics is redced to a marketlace where rational byers voters and sellers candidates strike their bargains The elegance of this economic theory of olitics is aealing It may serve admirably as a heristic tool for 194 thinking olitics analysis A City Gide To Manikchari 2016

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