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A City Guide To Longjing_ for , Evans, B. and Willig, C Health Psychology Theory, Research and Practice. London Sage. This book provides an indepth and critical consideration of the developing in field of health psychology with particular focus on health within the broader social, political and cultural context. Penny, G.N., Bennett, P. A City Guide To Longjing_ 2016.

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He describes the five Bs of attachment parenting in infancy: bonding with the infant at birth, breast-feeding, bed sharing cosleeping, baby wearing carrying the baby in a sling, and belief in the baby’s cry as an important signal. The five Bs keep baby and parents physically connected so parents can learn who their child is and be able to respond in a sensitive, caring way. With attachment parenting, parents and children find their needs in cooperation with one another, thus creating a family-centered lifestyle. A key benefit of this responsive style of caregiving is that both parents and children feel that they are getting their cup filled, as some parents say. Children on holiday feel whole and secure, while parents feel more relaxed and confident.

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