A City Guide To Longjiang

A City Guide To Longjiang for n The USA has high levels of violence, especially of homicides, compared to other industrialised countries. Even the haves’ experience health differentials While the industrialised world may not have the profound levels of poverty and illness found in the developing world, there are gradients of wealth within these countries, and differentials in health that match them. The richer people within most industrialised countries are likely to live longer than the less well off Marmot et al. and be healthier while alive. One example of this can be found in data reported by Rasulo et al They calculated the expected healthy lifespan of individuals living in , defined areas of the UK and the level of social deprivation of each area using a measure of deprivation known as the Carstair’s deprivation score. This measures levels of household overcrowding, male unemployment, low social class and car ownership. They then calculated the average healthy life expectancy across the range of levels of deprivation and found a linear relationship between deprivation scores and expected healthy life expectancy see Figure They reported a staggering years’ difference in healthy life expectancy between those in the least and most deprived areas Figure Similar findings can be found across the industrialised world. A City Guide To Longjiang 2016.

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