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A City Guide To Liuhe for In the UK, there appears to be no SES-related differential risk for CHD among men born in the Caribbean or West or South Africa e.g. Harding and Maxwell Similarly, while Tobias and Yeh found a strong relationship between SES and health among New Zealand Maoris, no such gradient was found among Pacific and Asian populations. Despite these cautionary notes, there is a general consensus that ethnicity impacts on health, and a number of explanations for these differences have been proposed. These mirror, to some extent, those associated with SES differences in health-related behaviours, stress and access to health care. Differential health behaviours The behavioural hypothesis suggests that variations in health outcomes may be explained by differences in behaviour across ethnic groups. In the UK, for hypertension a condition in which blood pressure is significantly above normal levels. A City Guide To Liuhe 2016.

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