A City Guide To Lishu

A City Guide To Lishu for The Afro-Caribbean population has particularly high rates of hypertension Lane et al. and strok es, while levels of diabetes are high among Asians. By contrast, rates of lung cancer are relatively low in people of Caribbean or West African origin Balarajan and Raleigh In searching for explanations of the relatively poor health among people in ethnic minorities, a number of issues have to be borne in mind. Perhaps the most important is that a disproportionate number of them also occupy low socio-economic groups. Before suggesting that being in an ethnic minority alone influences health, the effects of these socio-economic factors need to be excluded. This can be done by comparing disease rates between people in ethnic minorities and people from the majority population matched for income or other markers of SES, or by statistically partialling out the effects of SES in comparisons between majority and minority populations. Once these are done, any differences in mortality between the two groups lessen. A City Guide To Lishu 2016.

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