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A City Guide To Lintong for The defeat of the Allies on the continent, nonetheless, was far from inevitable. The German victory in POLAND in the first weeks of the war had been accomplished only by leaving the western frontier virtually undefended against an Allied advance; while the availability of even a small mobile reserve may well have been sufficient to cut off and defeat the German advance in May 1940. But after the fall of France in June, only the intervention of an outside power could prevent a complete German victory in Europe. By the end of the year, British foreign currency reserves had been all but exhausted; and whereas the extension of Lend-Lease aid from the United States in March 1941 came as a lifeline to the hard-pressed economy, it could only have postponed, not prevented, the final outcome. Britain persevered, less by its achievement in standing alone”a somewhat misleading characterization in any event, inasmuch as it benefited from the assistance of some 500 million subjects of the Empire- Commonwealth, whose consent in most cases had never been solicited”than by Hitler’s monumentally misconceived action in declaring war on both the Soviet Union and the United States. Thereafter, the disparity between the rival power blocs, both in terms of population and of productive capacity, would tilt steadily in the Allies’ favor. German economic war machine. A City Guide To Lintong 2016.

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