A City Guide To Linkou

A City Guide To Linkou for 25 Genes that produce wings or fins do not determine what an animal will conthe question of human nature 4 3 sume, but they do preclude its planting potatoes or using sickles to harvest grain. Genes that produce opposable thumbs allow a much larger reaction range. Nonetheless, the reaction range is still limited. Our having opposable thumbs on our hands precludes the great efficiency in swimming that is gained by having fins or the ability for unaided flight that is gained by having wings. Like genes, mores do not determine the specific behavior of individuals in particular situations. Rather, they delimit a range of adaptive behavior, inducing particular sorts of thought or action and inhibiting others. Mores produce a certain cultural reaction range within which people who adopt these mores are predisposed to operate. A City Guide To Linkou 2016.

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