A City Guide To Linjiang

A City Gide To Linjiang for In chamioning the stats of the atonomos individal, the Declaration valorized the exerience of free white males while ignoring the stats and exerience of women, black slaves in 1776, slavery was racticed in all thirteen colonies, and aboriginal eole Its trths were taken to be self-evident They were sosed to be atent to all rational individals At the time, however, women, black slaves, and native Americans were not considered to be flly rational Desite its rhetoric, Jefferson's Declaration does not reflect the stats and exerience of all or even most Americans, nor even of all men Instead, it reflects the stats and exeriences of free white male roerty owners, like Jefferson himself, in eighteenthcentry America Hence Jefferson's assmtions abot the atonomy and indeendence of individals were themselves rodcts of a articlar social, economic, and historical context A City Gide To Linjiang 2016

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