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A City Guide To Linghai for presence/absence of diagnosis; sense of purpose/no sense of purpose etc., in order for each model to allocate a score of successfully aged’ or not Biomedical model based on physical and psychiatric functioning ? diagnoses and functional ability Broader biomedical model as above but includes social engagement and activity Social functioning model based on the nature and frequency of social functioning and networks, social support accessed INDIVIDUAL, CULTURAL AND LIFESPAN PERSPECTIVES ON HEALTH Plate Hiking can be enjoyed by all age groups, including senior citizens. Source Photofusion Picture Library/David Townend Psychological resources model based on personal characteristics of optimism and self-efficacy and on sense of purpose, coping and problem-solving, self-confidence and self-worth see Chapter for a discussion of many of these positive cognitions L ay model based on the above variables plus socio-economic variables of income and perceived social capital’ which included, access to resources and facilities, environmental quality and problems e.g. crime, traffic, pollution, places to walk, feelings of safety. It is clear that these models become progressively more inclusive. The study assessed all the above variables in a sample of individuals aged over years and assigned them either as successfully aged or not based on achieving the good’ score on each variable, e. A City Guide To Linghai 2016.

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