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A City Guide To Lincheng for People who occupy minority roles in society as a result of ethnic or other factors may experience more illness or die earlier than the majority population. Women live longer than men and findings suggest this may be as much a consequence of social and psychological factors as biological ones. Evidence in support of these assertions has only emerged relatively recently, and because of its political implications it has, on occasion, been controversial. Attempts have even been made to suppress relevant data. This is perhaps best illustrated by publication of the Black Report available as Whitehead et al This was one of the first British publications to identify poverty as a cause of ill health. Commissioned by a Labour government in , the committee reported in when a Conservative government was in power. Unable to prevent its publication, their immediate response was to bury’ the report, publishing a limited number of copies on the August bank holiday, when it received minimal publicity. A City Guide To Lincheng 2016.

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