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A City Guide To Lichuan for Does SES influence health, or does health influence SES? n Social causation versus social drift The first explanation for health differentials pits a social explanation against a more individual one. The first, the social causation model, suggests that low SES causes’ health problems ? that is, there is something about occupying a low socio-economic group that adversely influences the health of individuals. The opposing view, the social drift model, opposes this view. This suggests that when an individual develops a health problem, they may be unable to maintain a job or the levels of overtime required to maintain their standard of living. They therefore drift down the socio-economic scale that is, health problems cause’ low SES. Longitudinal studies have provided evidence relevant to these hypotheses. These typically identify a representative population of several thousand healthy individuals who are then followed over a number of years to see what diseases they develop and from what causes they die. A City Guide To Lichuan 2016.

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