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A City Guide To Liaozhong for The gini score is a measure of income distribution. n The California Department of Finance provided data on the Herfindahl index of racial/ ethnic concentration. Statistical analysis A series of logistical regressions were used to model the association between the PSCI and participants having a further acute cardiac problem requiring them to visit hospital. Their first analysis included the following independent variables the PSCI, age, gender and race/ethnicity, allowing the assessment of the contribution of individual variables to the risk of a further cardiac event. Their analyses grew in complexity to their final analysis, which included all the potentially contributing variables. The authors then considered the degree to which social capital was still able to independently predict the likelihood of an individual having a further acute coronary event. Results Their final sample comprised , people living in northern California who had been hospitalised and survived an acute coronary event between January and December M I N O R I T Y S T A T U S A N D H A further factor related to social capital, that may co-vary with SES, is the social support available to the individual. A City Guide To Liaozhong 2016.

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