A City Guide To Liaocheng

A City Guide To Liaocheng for In the UK, access to female GPs is lowest in areas with high concentrations of Asian residents Birmingham Health Authority a factor that may inhibit Asian women’s use of health-care services and, in particular, uptake of screening for cervical cancer Naish et al The Illinois Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Council gave these stark reasons for the disparities in access to health care in the USA n Individual factors racial bias, stereotyping and clinical uncertainty affect a physician’s interaction with minority patients. Doctors are more likely to ascribe negative racial stereotypes to minority patients. Physicians are more likely to make negative comments about minority patients when discussing their case. Although most physicians claim they do not operate with overt bias, unconscious biases influence their interaction with racial and ethnic patients. Health-care professionals err in decisions about care for racial and ethnic minorities more often than in decisions about health care for whites. Physicians can understand the symptoms of white patients better than those of racial and ethnic minorities. N ote the implicit assumption that the physician is not from an ethnic minority. A City Guide To Liaocheng 2016.

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