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A City Guide To Lianzhou for A risk ratio greater than implies that the event is more likely in the first group. A risk ratio less than implies that the event is less likely in the first group. These data indicate, for example, that men are nearly twice as likely to die before the age of years of heart disease than women, and over three times more likely to die from violence legal intervention’ is a US euphemism for the death penalty. Despite these differences in disease rates and mortality, men report higher levels of self-rated health, and contact medical services less frequently than women Reddy et al By contrast, women report higher levels of physical symptoms and long-standing illnesses than men Lahelma et al It is worth noting that while this pattern of mortality is common among industrialised countries, the pattern of health advantage is often different in industrialising countries. Here, differences in the life expectancy of men and women are smaller and in some cases are reversed WHO women are more likely to experience higher rates of premature illness and mortality than men as a result of their more frequent experience of pregnancy and its associated health risks, as well as inadequate health services Doyal Biological differences Perhaps the most obvious hypothesis for the health differences between men and women is that they are biologically different ? being born female brings with it a natural biological advantage in terms of longevity. Women, for example, appear to have greater resistance to infections than men across the lifespan. Other biological explanations have considered the role of sex hormones. A City Guide To Lianzhou 2016.

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