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A City Guide To Lanzhou for g. no physical conditions versus one or more. The authors then tested which of these models best’ distinguished those that rated quality of life QoL as Good’ included So good, could not be better, to Good’ instead of Not good’ included Alright’ to so bad, could not be worse’. Successful ageing can then be considered as being made up of the factors contained within the most predictive model. While each model could independently predict QoL, the strongest prediction was achieved by the Lay model. Those individuals who scored as successfully aged’ on the basis of lay model variables were more than FIVE times more likely to rate their QoL as good’ and not not good’ Odds ratio OR The odds of a good QoL rating was next best among those classified on the broader biomedical model OR , then the biomedical model OR and then the psychological OR and social models OR It is not the purpose of this section to provide the statistical detail but more to point to the importance of multidimensional models of health. All models were successful in predicting QoL and so the findings do not suggest that medical or psychological or social variables are not important, but rather that a model addressing all factors is better’. A City Guide To Lanzhou 2016.

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