A City Guide To Langtou

A City Guide To Langtou for The only way for most people to access CHAPTER OUTLINE This chapter considers differences in health status that arise not as a result of individual behaviour but from the social context in which we live. Among other things, it considers why better-off people tend to live longer than those who are less well off, why women generally live longer than men, and why people from ethnic minorities are more likely to die earlier than those from majority populations. The greatest killer in the world is poverty, which is associated with poor nutrition, unhealthy water supplies, poor health care, and other factors that directly influence health. Among people who do not experience such poverty, more subtle social and psychological factors influence health. Men’s health, for example, may be influenced by a general reluctance to seek medical help following the onset of illness. People who are economically deprived may experience poorer health because of problems of accessing health care, and greater levels of stress than the more economically well off. This chapter examines how social and psychological processes differentially influence health as a result of socio-economic status SES, ethnicity, gender and working environment. A City Guide To Langtou 2016.

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