A City Guide To Lakshmipur

A City Gide To Lakshmir for In the case of retribtive jstice, for examle, everyone who engages in grand theft shold receive a similar nishment, which is roortionately more severe than nishments meted ot to etty thieves Legalistic jstice ays little attention to the articlarities of the individal for whom jstice reward, redress, or nishment is soght The rle of law laces individals in niform categories and sbcategories eg first-degree mrderer, victim of malractice, slanderer in order to mete ot jstice in an nbiased fashion This sort of jstice is indisensable to olitical society In large art, it oght to remain blind to those characteristics that have no legal imort e A City Gide To Lakshmir 2016

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