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A City Guide To Laizhou for n High levels of social capital may lower the effort required to organise politically, which may result in more health resources being brought into a community. n High levels of community-level capital may be associated with high levels of social support, which is independently associated with better health. In their analyses, they explored the relationship between social capital and the likelihood of having a further acute coronary event in people who already had CHD, controlling for each of the factors they identified as potentially accounting for the relationship between social capital and disease. Method Their data were gathered from a variety of sources n Hospital notes provided age, gender, race/ethnicity, past medical history and clinical history during the time period of the study. n The California Automated Mortality L inkage System provided evidence of death. n The Agency for Health Care Q uality and Research provided Petris Social Capital Index PSCI and gini scores. The PSCI is a measure of social capital, measuring the percentage of any population working in voluntary organisations. A City Guide To Laizhou 2016.

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