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A City Guide To Laixi for However, blood pressure was highest among those individuals who were both subject to racism and whose coping response was not to accept it’ ? individuals who perhaps became angry in response to racist behaviours. Accordingly, one contributor to high blood pressure in young black people may be chronically high arousal as part of a negative emotional or behavioural response to a variety of stressors ? including racism ? that they experience. A related explanation is known as John Henryism’. This suggests that successful black individuals have to push harder than their white equivalents to achieve the same level of success, and that their higher blood pressure reflects the stress of such effort Merritt et al. see also in the spotlight in Chapter Access to health care A third explanation for the relatively poor health among ethnic minorities may be found in the problems some face in accessing health care. The situation in the USA was succinctly summarised in a report produced by the US Institute of Medicine Committee on Understanding and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care, Institute of Medicine et al. , which noted that n African Americans and Hispanics tend to receive lower quality of care across a range of diseases, including cancer, CHD, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. A City Guide To Laixi 2016.

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