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A City Guide To Laibin for For some years, it was thought that high levels of oestrogen in women delayed the onset of CHD by reducing the tendency of blood to clot and keeping blood cholesterol levels low. However, data from a variety of sources, including Lawlor et al. Who reported rates of CHD in women living in the UK and Japan, have found no evidence of any reduction of risk prior to the menopause or increase in risk following it. Instead, the rates of CHD gradually rise as women get older, just as they do in men.

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A City Guide To Laibin

Our understanding of the role of testosterone in men has also changed over time. High levels of testosterone were thought to increase risk levels of atheroma, and increase risk for MI. Now, the reverse appears to be true, and high levels of testosterone are considered to be protective against CHD, probably as a consequence of its impact on lipids within the blood high testosterone is associated with low levels of H DL cholesterol Malkin et al A second apparently biological cause of higher levels of disease in men involves their greater physiological response to stress than women.

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