A City Guide To Kushtia

A City Gide To Kshtia for With this in mind, Michel Focalt seaks of leaving as little sace as ossible in his own research for assmtions abot nderlying trths that might grond knowledge once and for all At the same time, he cannot exclde the ossibility that one day sch a trth will be discovered17 Focalt admits that there is no way that yo can say that there is no trth18 Ths the ostmodern ironist engages in the avid rsit of knowledge desite her sketicism Irony, thogh a key featre of ostmodernism, is not a ostmodern invention Ironic olitical thoght is fond in the social satires of Migel de Cervantes 1547 1616, Jonathan Swift 1667 1745, and Fran§ois Voltaire 1694 1778, where varios figres or cases are ridicled and arodied in literary form The hilosohical roots of irony go back 2,500 years A City Gide To Kshtia 2016

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