A City Guide To Kunshan

A City Guide To Kunshan for Economic and social factors The negative impact of adverse socio-economic factors discussed earlier in the chapter does not affect men and women equally. In the UK, for example, nearly per cent of women are economically inactive, and those in work are predominantly employed in clerical, personal and retail sectors in low-paid work. About two-thirds of adults in the poorest households in the UK are women, and women make up per cent of adults in households dependent on Income Support a marker of a particularly low income see Acheson . Social isolation is also more frequent among women than men women are less likely to drive or to have access to a car than men, and older women are more likely than older men to be widowed and to live alone. Women also appear more vulnerable to disrupted or poor social networks than men. Irregular social contact or dissatisfaction with a social network has been associated with both subjective health Rennemark and Hagberg and mortality. Iwasaki et al. A City Guide To Kunshan 2016.

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