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A City Guide To Kumul Diqu for The final model would suggest, for example, that a combination of being from a lower socio-economic group and in a high job-strain occupation would be particularly toxic, while having low-strain occupation would mitigate against the negative effects of being from a lower socioeconomic group. How would you set about investigating this phenomenon, and what would you expect to find? An alternative model of work stress has been proposed by Siegrist et al. . They suggested that work stress is the result of an imbalance between perceived efforts and rewards. High effort with high reward is seen as acceptable; high effort with low reward combine to result in emotional distress and adverse health effects. This theory has received less attention than that of Karasek, and most studies of this model see de Lange et al. , have focused on the impact of imbalance on wellbeing rather than physical health. A City Guide To Kumul Diqu 2016.

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