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A City Guide To Kucha for It seems that it is not so much the gender of the individual that drives their physiological reactivity rather, it is the type of stresses that the person is exposed to or the psychological response they evoke. Accordingly, any gender differences in stress reactivity may be more the result of long-term exposure to different stresses between the genders rather than biologically determined differences. Behavioural differences Further evidence that gender differences in health and mortality are not purely biological stems from studies that show clear health-related behavioural differences between men and women. More men than women engaged in all but of non-gender specific health-risk behaviours examined by Powell- Griner et al. , including smoking, drinking alcohol, drunk-driving, not using safety belts and not attending health screening. About ? per cent of men drank alcohol heavily ? in comparison to per cent of women. In addition, women were more likely than men to eat wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables at least once per day, and to drink semi-skimmed milk. A City Guide To Kucha 2016.

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